Criminal Law

Michael Maltby is a passionate advocate for his clients who are charged with criminal offenses; he possesses twenty years of experience (fourteen years as a prosecuting attorney) coupled with the personality and intellect to enable him to achieve the best possible outcome for his clients through either negotiation or trial by jury.  He has tried over two hundred trials before a jury with great results.  If a jury trial is necessary, Mike Maltby is your guy!

Dealing with criminal charges can be incredibly stressful, particularly if these charges are completely false or your case has been in any other way mishandled by law enforcement officials. A poor outcome to your case could result in a wide array of negative consequences, including everything from possible jail time to future difficulties as you hunt for employment and housing. In order to avoid the potential long-term negative impact of criminal charges, you will need to work closely with a compassionate and knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer, such as attorney Michael Maltby.

Types Of Criminal Charges Handled By Michael Maltby

No matter the nature of the crime for which you have been charged, it is of utmost importance that you seek the assistance of a reliable criminal defense lawyer. While high-quality representation will prove valuable in every imaginable criminal case, the approach chosen by your attorney will obviously differ quite a bit depending on the extent of the charges. Attorney Michael Maltby fights for clients charged with both misdemeanor and felony charges. Types of criminal charges pursued include serious driving offenses and DUI, drug offenses, fraud, identity theft, theft, assault, including domestic violence, forgery and juvenile offenses, among others.

Care And Compassion: The Attorney Michael Maltby

Michael Maltby understands that, with criminal charges hanging over your head, you are experiencing a great deal of anxiety. While others may be quick to leap to judgment the moment they learn of your criminal case, attorney Michael Maltby is well aware of the many circumstances that could have lead to these charges. He prides himself on being easy for clients to confide in, always offering to listen to client concerns before providing feedback in a non-judgmental manner.

Although Michael Maltby holds compassion as a top priority, he also believes in honest communication when dealing with clients. Thus, he will often take it upon himself to tell you what you need to hear, as opposed to what you want to hear. But when such difficult exchanges are required, Mike Maltby will also take care to deliver troubling revelations in a gentle manner.

Due to Michael Maltby’s spirit of open communication and cooperation, his clients are often able to obtain much lighter sentences than would otherwise be possible. When drug and alcohol charges are involved, the attorney works hard to negotiate resolutions that involve rehabilitation. In other cases, Mike Maltby may be able to obtain lighter sentences with the assistance of community service. No matter the nature of your charges, you can trust Mike Maltby to deliver the best resolution to your current criminal case.